How do you recognise a woman who has just had sex?

You often ask yourself if it is possible to recognise a woman who has just had sex. It is indeed possible because there are characteristic features that prove this. You can identify a woman who has just had sex by her glowing complexion, her good mood and her skin that becomes sensitive.

Her complexion becomes radiant

After sexual intercourse the woman becomes prettier. This is a physiological phenomenon that can be explained through the orgasm she has had. A good sexual intercourse is therefore likely to make the complexion of the young woman shine. The phenomena that precede the orgasm are a faster heartbeat, a dilation of the blood vessels and therefore a relaxation of the whole body of the woman. All this explains the appearance of her complexion. It therefore takes on a rosy colour and becomes pleasant to look at.

Her good mood is in full swing

The woman’s good mood does not always come from the environmental factors that amaze her. It may result from a well-done sexual intercourse followed by a number of orgasms. During orgasm, the female body secretes several hormones.
These hormones are usually referred to as happy hormones. You must hear about women who are badly fucked with their characteristics. They usually look bad and sound sour. This is the opposite of the well fucked woman. Because of the hormones like oxytocin and endorphin released during sex the woman has a smile on her face. A smile that she doesn’t even know where it comes from.

Her skin becomes sensitive

The sensitivity of the female skin after intercourse is a question whose answer is known to all. You can’t touch her pubic area or her breasts right now without her pushing you away. This phenomenon can pass within a few minutes and the woman can regain her ability to desire sex.